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Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

Disasters not only have the potential to imperil lives but also to interrupt the communication needed for businesses to survive. Our data protection services IT plan seeks to provide businesses with a means to recover their information if their major sources of data are damaged. The most common information protection feature is data backup. Security is also a very important facet of all data protection, disaster recovery and IT management plans.

On- and Off-Site Backup Management

Onsite data backup stores data on location, allowing quick restoration of information that is corrupted or lost. With offsite backup, the data is stored in a secure data centre in the event of an onsite data disaster such as theft or fire.

Our onsite automatic backups can be programmed to run all through the day and week, thus reducing the risks linked to manual backup. Our IT support team ensures that your data, applications and systems are reliably protected. You can recover what you need when and where you need it – individual files, folders and complete systems can be restored within minutes.

As data protection and disaster recovery plans become more and more critical to business continuity, Output IT is the IT provider that offers you an offsite backup solution you can easily afford. We provide outstanding features such as custom schedules, backup sets and restoring points, and we keep your data in various geographic sites, so that it can easily be retrieved. Our secure data storage and web interface are designed for peace of mind, because we encrypt your data when transferring it to our backup servers, and also for as long as it remains on the servers.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Planning & Implementation

Disaster recovery planning and implementation is the practice of making sure that information is sufficiently protected and can be recovered in a timely manner after your computer system goes down or a data loss occurs. How much does it cost your business in dollars when you can’t access your software applications and your employees cannot do their jobs and service your clients?

Output IT offers disaster recovery consulting, execution and support. Tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes can make any location vulnerable, as can sabotage by employees and other persons. Fire is a grave risk in any site and particularly in data centres.  Compromised data and hardware are some of the potential losses. We provide backup solutions, and we also thoroughly test our recovery plans on a regular basis.

Data Recovery

When we do data recovery, we retrieve information from secondary storage media that has sustained damage, whether physical or otherwise, and that cannot be accessed normally. A special procedure using imaging technology is used to retrieve every bit of data from your backup disk surfaces. Once we acquire the image and save it on a reliable medium, we can carefully examine it for logical damage and assess how much of the original file system can be rebuilt.

Our data recovery systems allow you to relax, knowing that if your data storage hardware is compromised, Output IT will take the time to restore it, even if it has been erased by a virus. Call Output IT today for more information on how we can design a data protection and disaster recovery plan for your business.

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