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IT Consultancy (Virtual CIO)

Your investment in technology should make profits for you. As part of our services, IT account managers are matched with the companies they are best suited for, and your business will benefit from this approach. Your account manager will act as your virtual CIO, and he or she will work with you to come up with cost-effective IT management strategies for your business.

Our IT consultants will help your business grow. As your virtual CIO, Output IT will help you with:

Network Design

Your business needs to run as efficiently as possible. You can trust us for IT help to devise the best design for your network so that your business can attain efficiency and dependability, which will certainly bring about profitability. Good network design is a simple and easy way to save money while increasing output. Let Output IT evaluate your business and give you IT support as you decide on the best networking plan for you.

CIO Functions

Your business executives are not IT experts. As your virtual CIO, we will support IT functions such as strategic planning for the future. Our IT solutions include aligning your IT strategy and focus with your overall business objectives, and business system technology planning. Output IT will analyse your IT budget, and we also do periodic reviews of your IT results and plans.

Systems Integration

We will link our computer systems and software applications with yours so that it becomes a coordinated whole. We are a leading IT provider, and as such our engineers have a broad range of skills when it comes to systems integration, including hardware and software engineering, interface protocols, and a general ability to troubleshoot and solve problems.

Systems Analysis

We are often called upon to analyse systems that have been haphazardly built so as to verify their current components. In this way we can provide better IT consultancy services, because from our analysis we can determine the most efficient means of obtaining the ends you desire. We also will update and upgrade your computer systems and modify them for new or expanded functions as the need arises.

Large multinational companies have Chief Information Officers, why shouldn’t yours? A Chief Information Officer’s job is to align Information Technology with your business targets. Your IT consulting will be done with a senior individual, who will act as your virtual CIO. You can give your Output IT account manager a call any time you need guidance on any issues – that’s the beauty of outsourcing IT.

Our Approach

Our approach to outsourced IT is simple: keep our clients’ systems functioning and give advice suitable for their business needs. When providing services, IT professionals work within industry accepted best practices, and our account managers have worked in all kinds of environments, supporting small companies with the same attention they would give a large business. Our IT management team will keep an eye on your network 24/7 using different tools suited to each business, and we will alert you if we find a problem.

Professional, outsourced IT support is still in its infancy, and it can be difficult to find an IT provider that meets all your needs. When we do IT consultancy, we translate technical and business issues so that all parties can be clear on what is needed to move forward. Let Output IT become your virtual CIO, and we will give you all the support and guidance you need to make the most out of your computer systems.

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