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IT Systems/Security Audit and Reports

Security audits are the last step in the execution of your security defence services (IT). This IT management function requires your company to analyse its risk to find out what are your assets and their exposure to various threats. You will then need IT help to come up with security procedures to identify what you’re required to protect and how you’re going to secure it. Ultimately, you’ll need to do a security audit to verify the effectiveness of these procedures.

Full System Audits

Output IT’s full system audits are essential for your network support – IT reviews that help you identify, control and decrease your risks. We provide IT solutions that check your systems and supply you with a report of our capacity, your security vulnerabilities, and suggestions to secure your systems. As an IT provider we have been 100 percent successful in finding threats that others have missed.

Computer Forensics

Our IT consultancy services include computer forensics, a division of digital forensic science relating to legal evidence stored in computers and other media including flash drives and CD’s. Its objective is to scrutinise your computer equipment in a forensically sound manner to discover, safeguard, recover, analyse and present facts and opinions about the evidence. Computer forensics may be used in civil actions, though it is most frequently linked to investigating crimes.

Internet/Network & Data Security

Our IT consulting package includes defence against cyber attacks, which still have a major financial impact on companies and government organisations, in spite of widespread awareness. A 2011 HP-sponsored survey put the median cost of cyber crime at 5.9 million US dollars, a 56 percent increase over the previous year. Output IT takes care of your IT security, significantly reducing its vulnerability to attack.

Internal/External Security Monitoring

Our security monitoring activities shield your business from threats within your company, in addition to external threats. Aside from that, we also do network monitoring, which encompasses the performance of your computer system. This is used to generate data regarding network performance, together with the typical behaviours of people using the network. We also do penetration testing to find gaps in your network security.

Network/System Penetration Testing

Penetration tests assess the security of computer systems or networks by simulating an attack by malicious outsiders and insiders. We present any security issues found by the penetration test to you. These tests determine the feasibility of security vectors, identify high risk vulnerabilities that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to detect, assess the operational impact of successful attacks and test the ability of network defenders to successfully detect and respond to attacks.

Maintaining security throughout your information systems is vital in today’s high-tech environment. Periodic auditing and reporting is necessary to maintain the integrity of your system. The reporting is not only security based, but in fact is it primarily an audit of your IT systems, i.e. its infrastructure, hardware, software, strategy for short/long term problems and their resolutions.

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