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Purchasing and Asset Management

IT purchasing and asset management is best described as a marathon, and not a sprint. In addition to providing other services, IT provider Output IT is experienced in managing long term relationships with various vendors, and in procuring and managing hardware and software.

Vendor Management

Manage Vendor Relationships

Many enterprises have acknowledged an increasing challenge in managing multiple contracts with different vendors as the practice of outsourcing matures. As part of our IT management services, Output IT can identify partners who can deliver lasting value to your business relationship. We look for vendors who are prepared to commit time and effort to creating a long-term relationship, so that you can extract the greatest possible value from your partnership.

You need IT help with vendor management when it comes to purchasing, warranty and support, because almost without exception, IT functions rely on a broad selection of vendors. Your vendors are likely to pay the most attention to the large companies, because these are the customers that provide higher revenue streams. That is why you need us, because we represent several smaller companies, and we can aggressively communicate your needs to your suppliers.

Asset Management

Hardware Asset Management

The management of your hardware is another area in which Output IT provides IT support. We help you to effortlessly track and manage your IT assets from purchase through retirement with our bar-coding and tracking systems.

Our IT solutions allow you to keep records of the hardware used by your network, so that you can know all that happens to your computers and related assets, and we give you life cycle management tools that make it easy to document a complete history of changes. If you’re looking for an IT provider that gives a comprehensive solution to hardware asset management, you’ve come to the right place.

Software Asset Management

In addition to managing your hardware, Output IT also handles and optimises the acquisition, use, licensing, updates, maintenance, and removal of your software applications. The objectives of our software asset management plan are to decrease the cost of IT and minimise business and legal hazards connected to the possession and use of software, while making the most of IT responsiveness and end-user efficiency.

Software asset management is primarily intended to form part of your organisation’s IT business strategy. Implementing it safeguards your investment and helps you to be aware of what software is in use, where it’s being operated, and whether your organisation is employing it efficiently. Output IT can assist you in managing costs and business risk to enhance and strengthen your business position, optimise existing software, so that you can use what you already have more efficiently, and increase your flexibility to allow development as your company’s needs expand..

Hardware/Software Purchases

Our position in the IT consultancy market allows us to purchase hardware and software at wholesale prices. When we sell these to you, we do so at a pre-arranged profit margin. Over the years we have developed relationships with dependable and specialised suppliers, so we are always able to offer the hardware and software that suits your needs and budget.





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