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You work with people across the city, across the nation, around the world. We understand these retail industry concerns at Output IT. One of the main services (IT) that we provide is a failover system that guarantees that even if there is a catastrophic failure your business operations recommence as rapidly as possible. No other IT management company can offer you higher failover and recovery options, because we know that losing critical data is not an option.

Let Output IT help you with consulting: we are aware of the necessity of working together with our customers to increase our understanding of their business operations and objectives. We can provide the IT support to direct the operation of both new systems and upgrades. You can depend on our support: IT systems are fully documented and administration training can be provided as required.

We provide IT solutions to small and medium sized retail stores and chains nationwide; the ones that simply do not have the resources or skill to stay abreast of fast changing technological advances. Reduce the impact of computer problems on your business by outsourcing to the premier IT provider in Australia. We use a proactive solution that keeps your personal and laptop computers, networks and servers current and running well: we recognise the increased dependence on IT for commerce, and we want to enable you to concentrate on the core areas of your business.

Retail Point of Sale POS

Retail businesses count on their computer networks now more than ever. Output IT has created a pioneering IT management service that allows clients to completely outsource the administration of their network while they concentrate on their core businesses. Your team can concentrate on driving sales and results instead, without the disruptions of day-to-day routine IT operations. For a reasonable flat monthly charge, we give retail stores and the chains they belong to access to enterprise-quality services, IT tools, processes, expertise and talented professionals.

We will act as your Virtual CIO, and as a long-term IT outsourcing partner, we will frequently give you practical suggestions and cost savings, while safeguarding your business from imminent dangers. There are many advantages to outsourcing your IT services as a retail business. For example, think about the impact to your business when your dedicated IT generalist gets ill or takes vacation.

We merge all the necessary hardware, software and services in a distinct IT help package and incorporate them into your store’s Point of Sale terminals and website. The managed solutions developed by Output IT deliver the foundations and capabilities to support a growing business from the start. Output IT provides:

  • Total Network and IT Support
  • IT Consultancy – we are your virtual CIO
  • Purchasing and Asset Management
  • Data Protection and Disaster Recovery
  • IT Systems/Security Audit and Reports

Owing to our flexible, quick to respond support services, we have developed many long-term client relationships. To efficiently maintain the systems of retailers who have outsourced IT to us, we offer a mixture of phone, on-site and remote access support. We will be on site promptly at times when a problem cannot be resolved remotely.




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