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Total Network & IT Support™

It’s hard for small businesses to keep pace with changes and manage all their computer hardware, software, infrastructure and tech support in-house, especially with today’s constantly evolving technology. Outsourcing IT support could be the best bet for your company, because you get personalised support, and planning and management solutions that result in improved technology infrastructure and ensure business continuity.

Do you ever get frustrated when you need help with your computer systems, printers or Email? Does it ever seem that your systems only act up when you or your staff need them the most?  We take the confusion out of technology.  Our goal is to give you a piece of mind.

The time has come!

We introduce clients to new technologies that save them an average of 30 to 50% each year.  We’ve proven that proactively managing your network always costs less than reacting to problems after they occur.  We believe that your IT infrastructure should be a profit center for your business - not a cost center.

You deserve fast, affordable, professional support. That's why we’ve bundled our revolutionary flat rate IT Support program with our Proactive Network Monitoring Service, providing you experienced IT Support to maintain and protect your network 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year!

Our service plan is uniquely structured to support the objectives we share with you: we provide IT support at a fixed monthly price – no surprises. The price includes remote support and on-site service, with or without inclusions for spare parts. Compare this to our competitors’ plans where you pay hourly: the more problems you have, the more money they make - it is in our competitors interest to have your systems fail as often as possible!!!

We view our customer relations as joint ventures, so you can completely focus on growing and running your business. Our suite of support IT services and certified professionals ensure that we can deal with any level of your technology needs.

When you use our IT consultancy services, your business systems will run smoothly without any hiccups, because we have the knowledge and experience to maintain it correctly. We support all of your installed software applications (where possible). We will work with you to design a software environment tailored to your business that will meet its growing needs.

Making the switch to an outsourced IT solution helps you to develop a strategy designed to handle the needs of your business that follows the three basic tenets of keeping it simple, secure and stable. Output IT delivers considerable benefits to small businesses, including higher levels of service, and lower costs. By using our services, IT management and support, you can better utilise your resources and focus on your core business initiatives.

As an added bonus, if you call us right away, you’ll be eligible to receive our most popular Service at no additional charge – Vendor Management, where we become the single point of contact for all or your Vendor issues. Free yourself to focus on running your business - not your Vendors.

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Network & Security Health Checkup

If you are a new to us, and would like to learn how to improve your IT Support while reducing costs, we would like to invite you to a FREE Network and Security Health Checkup.

One of our Engineers will meet with you, discuss your concerns, and evaluate your network to ensure you’re getting the most out of the Technology you’ve already invested in. You’ll know exactly where you stand from a Technology perspective after this FREE Service.

We offer this Service to you so that you can get to know us better without any risk, so please contact us today!



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