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Output IT specialises in IT support for transport & distribution firms. Have out-of-date computer equipment or incessant technology problems? Are you ready to move to a new IT solution to manage your resources or sales force? As part of our services IT, we can make your network stable so that your establishment can better leverage any outlay it makes for technology.

Businesses in the field of transport and distribution need IT help to deal with cost reduction, improving customer service quality, and optimising the output and efficiency of the entire transport chain. Output IT specialises in transport and distribution, providing IT support and offering advice, assistance and all the IT requirements to help your business succeed.

Our IT management solutions can help you build the most advantageous schedules, satisfy Hours of Service regulations, match drivers to the best possible loads, act smartly in response to load requests, measure the long term value of each lane and shipper, and realize maximum fuel-related savings.

IT solutions are needed now more than ever as the swiftly expanding world economy offers both opportunities and challenges for transportation and distribution companies. Output IT is Australia’s leading IT provider, and we use our affiliation with the world’s top software companies to supply cutting-edge transport management solutions for your business.

Truck, Transport & Distribution

As an IT consultancy firm we give your business the strategic direction it needs to develop efficiency and discover its competitive advantage. We can also provide you with the IT infrastructure for the following transport and distribution-specific needs:

  • Track & Trace
  • Proof Of Delivery
  • GPS Tracking and Fleet Management
  • Transport Management Systems
  • Warehouse Management Systems (inc. voice picking)
  • Advanced Planning and Scheduling
  • Mobile Data Terminals (Handheld and Vehicle Mounted)

Outbound shipments usually require a set of printed documents such as packing lists, invoices and bills of lading. The consignment doesn’t leave the warehouse if the documents don’t print. Outsourcing IT may be your best bet for cases such as these – IT is our core competency, and we make sure that all documents are reliably printed to avoid interruptions in shipment and delivery.

Outsourced IT is the perfect solution for the transport and distribution industry as it undergoes global transformation in its endeavour to maximise revenues, boost productivity and improve operational efficiencies. Transport and distribution companies must make customer service, IT efficiency and flexibility their main concerns in order to survive and stay ahead in this dynamic economy.

In spite of increased fuel prices and insurance premiums, using efficient IT management to drive down costs will help you to remain competitive. Let Output IT help you track your drivers, goods, and documents from almost any part of the country, so that you can make quick decisions regarding the deployment of your resources.




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